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Returns Policy


Goods may be returned for credit for the following reasons:

  1. Part malfunction under warranty. [see note 1]
  2. Parts order in error. [see note 2]
  3. Parts damaged in transit. [see note 3]
  4. Wrong parts sent. [see note 4]

It is the customerís responsibility to ensure that return are made on time and in accordance with our procedures. Shipping is at the customerís expense. [see note 5]


  1. Order and pay for replacement part.
  2. Obtain returns number from sales dept.
  3. Return part for assessment and refund within 4 weeks of obtaining returns number.
  4. Parts must be returned complete, the same as the replacement. ie. with all solenoids fittings and wiring harness.
  5. Parts returned without a returns number will be scrapped!
  6. Processing of returns can take up to 2 weeks.


  1. All parts are covered by the manufacturerís warranty for one year. This does not apply to damage caused by incorrect fitting, contamination by dirt or freezing. On arrival parts are tested and if found the functioning properly will be returned to the customer at their expense. [BACK]
  2. Parts ordered in error may be returned provided that it is in "as new" condition and that the stock is not obsolete. Normally a full refund is made although we do reserve the right to charge a 30% handling charge. [BACK]
  3. In order that a claim can be made against the carrier parts damaged in transit must be recorder as such, with the carrier, upon receipt and Autogas Worldwide Ltd must be notified within 3 days. [BACK]
  4. Parts sent in error against a written order (letter, fax or email) will be corrected as soon as possible with Autogas Worldwide Ltd paying for the extra carriage. Errors made with telephone orders will be at our discretion. [BACK]
  5. 5. All parts are sold ex-works and carriage is arranged as an added service at the customerís expense. Because of this the customer is always responsible for carriage costs. Carriage is always charged at cost price. [BACK]