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LPG Tanks

mintLPG historically sold Stako tanks. The economic pressures of recent years have meant that we now supply tanks from numerous manufacturers. The bulk coming from Ultra-Gas in Turkey although this is likely to alter now that Romano have aquired their own tank facture near Milan

We distribute GGL (Romano), Ultra-Gas, Stako some Irene and GZWM in the UK and maintain a large and varied stock suitable for the UK market.

  • Single & 4-Hole Cylinder Tanks from 10 to 230 litres (the majority include a frame and straps);
  • Single & 4-hole Toroidal Tanks from 35 to 95 litres;
  • Toroidals with integral airtight box;
  • Vertical Toroidals;
  • Tank Frames, Rings & Fasteners